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Re: LED or UV tube for pythons?

Originally Posted by TRD View Post
For 500mm tall I would say a 6% T5HO mounted on the ceiling without a reflector is the most suited candidate. It isn't until 15cm close that I would say it would become unsuitable and it's powerful enough to still give UV exposure at 50cm distance.
I was considering putting a shelf in the viv so my snake can get closer to the heat panels. Maybe not such a good idea if it'll put him closer to the UV light. I'll put the shelf nearer the opposite end.

The other thing is that Japanese fluorescent tube bases are all different sizes to the big name international brand tubes. I need a 20 watt tube, and in Japan that means 580mm. ZooMed bulbs are all in inches and are too long. That means I'll have to use a Japanese bulb, but most things made here are very high quality. is offline