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Re: LED or UV tube for pythons?

As long as the UV output is reasonable (around UVI of 1 for most snakes is enough) there's no need to worry. T5HO bulbs are sufficient bright to to cause issues these days, also many of the old bulbs are either some output in UVc (mainly (old) CFLs and this problem, and today still some cheap Chinese made UV basking lights are very dangerous) or too much output in the shorter wavelength UVb (around 290-295nm).

Also note that UVb bulbs generally do not appear bright to us as 5-14% output is in the UVb spectrum, about 30% is in the UVa spectrum, and almost everything else is in the visual spectrum for us. But reptiles can see UVa, so the lights are quite a bit brighter for them than for us.

For 500mm tall I would say a 6% T5HO mounted on the ceiling without a reflector is the most suited candidate. It isn't until 15cm close that I would say it would become unsuitable and it's powerful enough to still give UV exposure at 50cm distance. Only if there's a fine mesh (3mm or less) in between I would consider a reflector.
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