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Re: A Few General Carpet Questions

Carpets like height as well as length. For a jungle I'd personal go 5 wide, 3 high, 2 deep for an adult.

Regarding colour it can be individual snake specific but as a loose rule jungles colour up for the first few years and then begin to fade in later years.

Coastal carpets are generally considered the largest sub species, Irian Jaya the smallest. I personally like Irian Jaya's - like the colour.

Most carpets go through a nippy phase but not all-mine didn't and I very rarely handle him. Just the odd one remains pyschotic. Again it is rare but just occasionally regardless of handling one just stays nasty. That said feisty snakes are fun (YMMV on this!).

They are super snakes though - interesting and get sizeable without being unmanageable. And very pretty...
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