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Sluggish boa; need advice!

Hi all, I've become a little concerned over the past few days as my 1.5-year-old hog island boa has become a bit sluggish. He is isually quite active, especially at night, but has pretty much been staying in his hot spot hide the past couple days.
Temps are around 91 F on the hot side and 78 F on the cool side. As it's gotten a little cooler in California lately, I recently added a 100 watt ceramic heater to raise ambient temp a bit. Humidity in the room stays between 43 and 50%. He's never had a problem with shedding.
So, I'm not sure what's going on or if I should be concerned. I cannot see any signs of illness--no respiratory problems, swelling, or skin issues. Eyes are clear so I don't think he's starting a shed or anything.
The only difference I can account for is last Saturday and Sunday I fed him rats (one on each day) that were a little on the small side. Normally I feed him one medium rat but since these were a little small, I fed him two days in a row. The rat on day two was slightly wet and I am concerned he may have swallowed some substrate (aspen bark). But I didn't see any large pieces get swallowed and I used tweezers to remove any pieces he was about to swallow.
A day or two after he fed, I noticed a few urate excretions (one was more runny than usual) and he has not defecated since the feeding.
If anyone has any thoughts or suggestions, I would greatly appreciate them. I'm getting worried. Thank you.
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