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Re: Baby snake availability

Originally Posted by SpiralEquinox View Post
So I have slowly but surely been getting all the supplies I need for my first noodle and now I'm all ready! Problem is now I can't find any babies! I was looking specifically for a Mexican Black Kingsnake and I can't find them anywhere! I unfortunately missed a huge reptile expo close to me due to a migraine but plan to go for the next one (Nov 11). I also seemed to miss a sale of babies from a reputable online breeder, when I called and asked about when the new little ones would be in I never got a straight answer. I suppose that's fair, you can't say for sure. Basically my question is will there be more babies available soon this year? Should the next show have some goth noodles? Yes, I am impatient 🤓
Just saw a ad for MBK babies on Fauna Classifieds! Only 2 left!
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