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Re: New KSB owner: feeding issues

You definitely have to get them hydrated or they won't eat and the species that do eat despite dehydration may fail to digest. Even my biggest eater that will try to take about anything offered at any time will delay a meal to drink water and digest it before coming back for the rodent if he's been laying in the heat a lot or his bowl got too low. Baby sand boas can dehydrate fast with just a normal dish in a normal enclosure setup if they aren't getting any moisture from food. Often they like drinking water droplets if you mist near them or put them in a separate container to not get the enclosure too wet. You could possibly use the humid hide to mist the upper parts for actual water drops when he's interested in it. They also generally eat in the dark. After he's hydrated and the lights go out try getting him to feed or people often confine them to small dark containers and bags with a pinky. That usually works but most have live pinkies to start.

Without live pinkies or sometimes for very stubborn babies you can scent them with actual chicks but people have used anything chicken (someone even said they use wet cat food for their baby boas but I don't know if I would suggest that) or especially for desert snakes that would come across them lizards are preferred. A supply of feeder lizards isn't easy or many snakes would probably prefer them. Everyone I talk to wants a source of feeder lizards to use for stubborn snakes or adding variety but no one wants the effort of making one. I have a bin of house geckos I'm trying to get consistently breeding.
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