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Re: I Hate the Sound of Breaking Glass!

I am constantly breaking glass aquarium tops. I can't set them down for a minute between cleaning and putting them back on or somehow they will get broken. Luckily they aren't real expensive to get new glass but I oopsied a 90gallon being used for reptiles while rearranging things. I thought the glass could handle dispersing the heat of a low wattage lamp for a short time and nope. Since years ago I turned a chip on the front panel into a giant line trying to "fix" it and had to stop using it for fish I decided it's time to pull it apart and turn it to scrap for less glass reliant enclosures. It does still have two 4' panels of glass and the 18x24" end left in the thickness for a 90g aquarium but while I can use the remainder for fronts of plywood enclosures it is sad that it would take near $400 now to replace its' equivalent quality.
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