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Unhappy I Hate the Sound of Breaking Glass!

Last July I bought an all glass viv intending it as a starter home for an Angolan python that I didn't end up buying. Since then it's just been sitting in my room. At the beginning of this month I bought a young CH Timor python, who's currently living in a medium sized RUB. The day before I picked him up I sprayed both the viv and the RUB with a mite deterrent, just to be on the safe side. The spray is very mild, but it smeared badly and made quite a mess of the vivarium glass. Today I had some time to spare so I decided to clean it off by removing each of the glass panels and rinsing them under the shower.

All was going well until the last two panels. Somehow I managed to chip the first panel in three places, then cracked the second panel on the shower head. Not sure how many times I swore in the hour that followed, but the air definitely turned blue. My wife wasn't impressed that there were stray shards of glass on the shower floor, either.

The manufacturer says two replacement panels will cost $50. No thanks. Tomorrow I'm going to go and look for some 4mm plywood or something that I can use to patch it up until I get a non-glass viv built. Still kicking myself, but I guess I've learnt a lesson and the main thing is my snake is non the wiser that anything has happened.

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