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Re: Hatchling won't eat

If she just used up her yolk, she won't be due to eat for awhile longer as the yolk was keeping her sustained this whole time. I know people are generally worried about growth rates when babies don't eat, but I really wouldn't worry unless she started rapidly losing weight or lost more than 20% of her weight empty (maybe 15% for a hatchling who hasn't eaten). Anything less than that won't result in a noticeable body tone difference. Any reduction in baby growth rates will be caught up eventually, just not as quickly as one that was eating heartily. As long as snakes are not underweight, I don't bother worrying about slowed growth rates.

In the meantime, make sure your husbandry is correct, do not handle until she's eating, and reduce as many stressors as possible (no lights at night, low foot traffic, plenty of hides and cover, etc.). Offer every 7 days at most, and you may have to try live for the first feeding or two.
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