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Hatchling won't eat

Hey all..

So I'd been in the market for either a female BEL or high white pied ball python for some time now. Just before a recent local reptile expo, I'd gotten in touch with a breeder who had just hatched the most gorgeous high white female and was bringing her to that exact expo. I jumped on my chance and put a deposit down on her. When the expo came, I met at the guy's booth and paid the remaining amount on her. As I left he mentioned that he has yet to get her to eat... Crap. (I'm aware of the general rule to not sell until they've had 3 meals at least, so this was unexpected to hear)

I brought her straight to the woman who would be boarding her for me - as I can't move into my snake friendly place for another month or so. She was pretty frustrated that I was sold a snake that had turned out to be only 3 weeks old and hadnt eaten (as was I), but she was positive she could get her to eat something.

Fast forward 2.5 weeks later and she still hasn't eaten a thing. Should I be concerned? I know ball pythons are notoriously picky eaters, but she's going on 5-6 weeks without a meal. Apparently she pooped out her yolk just a couple days ago, so hopefully that should help encourage her to eat. At what point do I really need to be concerned? The woman she's staying with works for a feeder company and is still trying different things so see if she can encourage her, but as a last resort she did say they may need to force feed. At this point I'm okay with anything as long as she just eats!

Has anyone else experienced this? Should I be super worried here? This little thing is stressing me right out!
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