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Re: My corn snake has made me a wuss. How can I pick him up?

Don't feel so bad, I had/have the same hesitation with some of my snakes. I'm still a bit leery about just grabbing my False Water Cobra, so I still hook the front end and hand hold the back end; then there's my one CA Striped King...he bites the glass when I get near the glass front sometimes.

In the meantime, I can loan you my juvenile Jungle Carpet Python if you really want to get some REAL experience handling juvenile snakes! He makes be real hesitant to grab him...

Originally Posted by gregsdad View Post
My corn snake has made me a wussy. How can I pick him up?
So I have a young corn snake. Ive held him at the pet store and like 4 times at home. Ive had him for like a month or 2 now. He is kinda curious so I used to just let him climb up my hand. He kinda panics but is usually calm. So i was like hey lets practice picking him up and HE DOESNT LIKE IT. In fact he panicks from being touched as most video tutorials say to do to warm the snake up. I leave my hand in for a sec, i have a tissue with my scent in there and today I touched his mid section twice and he ran. I touched him one last time when he calmed down to try and pick him up and he went sidewinder on me and began to his and strike . I let my hand sit near him again and he didnt his and relaxed. Hooks freak him out. I do if I touch him. My leopard gecko warmed up to me from just leaVing my hand in. I dont want to hurt him by jumping from a bite and i feel bad when hes scared. Also should I or should I not lift his hide when I go to handle him.? Ive held bigger snakes and him. I dont know why im so panicked. Im punked out today.
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