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Re: Funniest snake?

Russian rat snakes. They are the friendliest snakes ever. Most snakes tolerate handling but they'd rather you left them alone. Not these guys. They actually approach me when I put my hands in the enclosure and climb on of their own volition. If I don't show any signs of picking them up (i.e., just trying to do a water change) they will shoot up my shirt sleeves or just hop onto my wrist and wrap. Once I give up and take them out for some play time they are everywhere exploring my hair, clothes, etc. Eventually they settle down and just chill. When it's time to go back in they resist, usually by wrapping as tightly around my wrist as they can manage. They are huge people-watchers and love to see what you're up to.

I have never seen this behavior from any other species of snake. It seems to be unique to Russian rats.
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