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Re: My corn snake has made me a wuss. How can I pick him up?

The wiggly run away stage is what I dislike about corn and king snakes. As babies most species are paranoid of being prey regardless of how big that size actually starts out. Part of it you just have to wait out as they grow and settle in. Running seems to be the better response for corn and king snakes. They'll eventually stop bolting if you stay in the middle between not letting them be too antisocial and hiding away with no handling but not pushing them to threaten biting often.

I have the opposite approach results in my 2. The younger one was rehomed aggressive after the person just pushed through the biting of a scared baby and the snake was very defensive. I lowered or backed my hand off just enough she'd move around again when she started to threaten and eventually she went to only trying to run before ignoring us reaching in her tank. She still initially tries to bolt when picked up but she's not directly handled a lot even if she sees us a lot and she's only turning 2 years old. My desert king of the same year is much the same.

The 4 year old they went to only moving him by snake hook when necessary with no other handling. He's a lot more difficult because he will take up a spot and repeatedly draw blood now. He's an adult and his only human interaction was food and forced out by hook for cleaning so humans always meant cornered and forced from his hiding place. I do sometimes block or shove him a little with a hook because I get tired of bloody dots in my hands while working on his enclosure if I don't have gloves but since he can do little damage I've been trying to avoid just continuing to uncomfortably force him around. He continues biting when picked up. I don't know if he'll ever chill out. I meant to temporarily stick him in a 48x21" tank out of quarantine but he built a tunnel system in the bioactive enclosure I have to dig him out of now. Good thing I didn't plant yet or it might be permanently his to avoid the effort lol
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