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A semi aquatic enclosure can be an eye-catcher if you do it right and if you set the aquatic part as an aquarium you get an unusual view of your snakes and their behavior like swimming and diving. The downside is that you need the same technical infrastructure you would need for a "real" aquarium, especially an aquarium filter system to keep the water quality and oxygen level up for your fish to survive. Since your snake will leave its excrement in the water more often than not you will have to replace the water frequently, which will reduce its quality for the fishes. There is also the problem that you need an additional opening for the filter tubes which might create a possible escape route for your snake.

I'm aware of the struggles that to with a semi-aquatic set up. my girlfriend wanted axolotls and that's why I was even thinking of it, thing is they require a much larger tank than we have. what I would be using is a 5 gallon which would be perfect for the first couple years of caring for a garter snake. after that I would have to abandon the tank and upsize but it would last long enough to be worth it.
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