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Re: What's the deal with scaleless snakes?

I still believe it's not the best to breed sibling among each other or the next generation back to the first. I get it why it's done, but one could just as well create major health issues with the same practice of getting an extra nice yellow (or whatever) animal because besides creating certain gene combinations for this yellow you could also simultaneously, and without knowing, create any unwanted and usually dormant genetic trait that has major drawbacks. At least we humans understand that you shouldn't mix blood, so it speak. It didn't just come out of nowhere or because civilization wanted it, there's plenty of research to back it up. Why would it be good to increase homozygosity in animals?

I get that in the wild it happens, but how many times, and does it repeatedly happen to the same snakes? I really doubt that.. The number of individuals that you need to maintain a viable gene pool isn't that big. I don't think we should justify the practice because populations in the wild also sometimes breed between related animals, there is still plenty of diversity there compared to animals which may have gone through various breeding programs to create morph 1, out of that created morph 2, and then make yet another morph with the same practice. There are plenty of examples around in animals that suffer greatly and have "race specific illnesses" ... that should ring some bells, I'd say.

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