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Some fish contain thiaminase, which destroys thiamin (vitamin B1), an essential nutrient. ... Snakes fed nothing but fish with thiaminase develop thiamin deficiency. Thiamin deficiency is potentially fatal but can be treated with massive doses of thiamin.

Be careful of the fish you choose!
guppies are safe from what I can tell, my real concern here is "do garter snakes have self control"
I have made this mistake with fish. I bought 3 dozen glass shrimp for my two bala sharks and thought. they won't be able to eat all of them, and then maybe i'll end up with a self sustaining food source in the tank. BOY WAS I WRONG!!! all the shrimp were eaten in under 20 minutes. I thought the fish were going to burst, they seemed to be having trouble swallowing more they were so stuffed.
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