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Re: What's the deal with scaleless snakes?

Originally Posted by Andy_G View Post
Ha! It happens with "uncivilized" (read tribal) humans all the time as well where the gene pool is pretty small. Royalty also used to get a little cozy with family members. Once you can consider the whole picture and break the habit of what we have been taught, you will begin to realize that some things simply don't transfer over into other species. I'm not saying that anybopdy should make babies with their cousins, but reptiles, mammals, fish and birds do it all the well as the aforementioned "uncivilized" humans.

At least you're honest in saying that you don't know a lot about reptile breeding and genetics and for that I give you credit and respect for. I really shouldn't have quoted just you. A few members who have demonstrated their thoughts on inbreeding in captivity have not thought out their own words in regards to wild populations yet they apparently feel they have superior vast self knowledge in regards to genetics. Quite elitist, not to mention incorrect. Everyone can believe what they want, but pushing an opinion on people while trying to shame them when it goes against reality isn't fair. It's not the first time a bias has overshadowed common practice accompanied by a misapplied concept or theory to support personal bias and feelings.

You are not an example of what I mention above.
Excuse you, I know I have a superior vast self knowledge.
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