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Re: Baby Woma

Originally Posted by Captain837 View Post
That cute look he gives you when he comes out of his hide at the slightest movement in the room, it is not him greeting you it is him sizing you up to see if he can swallow you.

Pop Quiz

Ophelia is saying:

a) Hello, glad to see you! How are you this fine day?
b) Wow, rough night. Is it morning already?
c) Snuggle me.
d) Come closer, tasty human.

It's not a, b or c.
0.1 Hog Island Boa, 0.1 Woma Python, 2.3 Ball Pythons, 1.1 Stimson's Pythons, 1.1 Western Hognoses, 4.6 Corns, 1.1 Mexican Milks, 2.2 Black Milks, 1.1 CA Kings, 1.1 CA Red-Sided Garters, 2.3 Trans-Pecos Rats, 2.2 Russian Rats, 1.0 Olive House Snake
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