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Re: What's the deal with scaleless snakes?

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But breeding the best of the best from a certain locality isn't the same as breeding the offspring back to the parents, then their offspring back to the parents/grandparents, then the best looking offspring with each other, which is what happens. I'd rather it didn't, but maybe that's just because I don't know enough about genetics in reptile breeding. I know the 2014 CB Angolan python I'm in love with was almost certainly the result of inbreeding just because there weren't really enough unrelated animals around for it to have been otherwise.

Do you think new blood gets introduced to the galapagos islands all the time? Island locality boas? Locality animals in general? They are distinct largely as a result of related animals with the same distinct attributes interbreeding with each other. Why it is that we have a problem with it in captivity when it happens VERY often everywhere in the wild? Is it because people get stuck on the whole "morph" thing? Just semantics? It's something I don't understand. Inbreeding is natural for these and many other animals. Anyone who denies this musn't have thought things through.
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