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Re: What's the deal with scaleless snakes?

Originally Posted by jjhill001 View Post
"... I know for a fact that my Baird's Rat Snakes that everyone on the forums likes so much are a result of Tim Gebhard keeping his line pure and only breeding the best of the best over years and years, only introducing new animals from that same area.
But breeding the best of the best from a certain locality isn't the same as breeding the offspring back to the parents, then their offspring back to the parents/grandparents, then the best looking offspring with each other, which is what happens. I'd rather it didn't, but maybe that's just because I don't know enough about genetics in reptile breeding. The 2014 CB Angolan python I'm in love with was almost certainly the result of inbreeding at some level just because there weren't really enough unrelated animals around for it to have been otherwise. is offline