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Re: California kingsnake question

Got any pics? Sounds good, but a picture is worth a <fill in a number> words!

Originally Posted by sstephen View Post
That's understandable, and yes I was asking about wild caught, I live in Florida and you can't go outside without damn near squashing one under your feet. May buy some frozen once in awhile to add a twist, hes still a baby so this was more for future reference as he'll be eating pinkies once a week for awhile.
As far as Cali Kings go I read there's not much needed to keeping one. Humidity apparently doesn't have to be maintained very strictly, I keep one end of the tank at the mid 70s and the other has an infrared noctural heating lamp keeping that side between 85-90 degrees. A small water reservoir kind of buried like an in ground pool in the repti bark, a few vines/shrubbery pieces he climbs through and a half log for a hidey hole. Does this sound good for a kingsnake?
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