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Re: What's the deal with scaleless snakes?

Originally Posted by Aaron_S View Post
1. There have been so many scaleless animals found in the wild. Texas rat snakes, corn snakes, burmese pythons, garter snakes, death adders and I'm sure there's more. These were all generally adults found. There's probably more out there we just haven't seen/found. I personally won't have them but I have come around to see what others see in them.

2. What are you talking about that Brian has been "touting" eyeless snakes and breeds for them? Have you actually watched his videos highlighting his eyeless snake? Most people see something and jump to the conclusions on this guy. He had some random genetic deformities come up in the clutch (shark mouth and 1 eyed snakes and 1 snake without any eyes.) He admits he think he messed up in the pairing of his animals. He goes on to talk about what happens with these animals and he says they keep them around and hopefully they establish themselves and if they do he finds them forever PET homes (doesn't sell them) with a strong encouragement to not breed the animals.

I know he's made mistakes in the past and he isn't well like but you have to call the good with the bad and in my books him not destroying the animals and giving them a chance at a life is good.
Yeah...there's a lot that Brian does that I can't agree with, but sometimes the accusations that get thrown around are ridiculous and purely false. Yet another witch hunt.

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