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The seller said he had gotten a pair of adults, tried unsuccessfully to sell them, then the female dropped some eggs. He was aggravated, put the eggs into dry vermiculite in an incubator, and they all developed and hatched perfectly. He also breeds quite a lot of Cali king snakes, and said that he feeds them all frequently to keep their dispositions more calm. That may help explain the size of this one at 7 weeks of age, but I don't think any harm has been done yet.
I'm not a fan of power feeding, even my largest carpet doesn't normally get rats that leave much of a bulge. I also don't put much stock in appetite being a big factor in a snake's response to a person in general. Handling rodents before handling the snake is one thing, but as long as they don't scent food I don't expect them to strike or bite me just because they're hungry. (At least not regularly, lol.)
My female thayeri and the fire bull have both tried to eat a finger and a hand, respectively, once. Cold water to discourage them, never had a repeat, and the rest of the collection has never tried to eat me at all. A few defensive strikes or bites when disturbed, and even those have been very few and far between.
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