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Bogey Has Grown

My jungle/cross has grown quite a bit in the nearly 3 years I've had her. Actually, I'm assuming female due to the relative girth, never have probed or popped to be certain. Bulk is comparable to the female BCI that's about a year younger, though not yet 6'+ like this one. The yellow really came out much brighter than I imagined when I picked out a wee baby.

Here's a pic from November of 2014, mostly browns and a bit of black:

Caught in middle of shed in February of 2016:

Couple months later escaped the 40 breeder and had a mousefest, had eaten 6 pregnant females and had the only male in the tub in coils when caught in the act. Switched to rats the following week, lol.

Having a relaxing soak after chowing down a rat last night.
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