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Re: What's the deal with scaleless snakes?

Originally Posted by Andy_G View Post
Scaleless or eyeless? No thanks. Anything with a wobble or other neurological issue? Nope. Anything that needs help pipping? Also a hard no, it's gotta hatch on it's own. Breeding anything that has a kink, even if it was just an incubation issue? Hybrids? No...can't control what a buyer does with them or how they are sold or flipped after you no longer have them. Morphs? Yes, why not? Unless someone is taking an active part in the reintroduction of a species in the wild or involved in some kind of funded legitimate conservation effort, which I don't think ANYONE on here is, I fail to see the issue with morphs. Inbreeding is an integral part of the foundation of speciation in nature and doesn't create a problem when it comes to captive propogation of reptiles except when it comes to certain one-off's such as drymarchon. Outcrossing is of course always encouraged but unless someone is having DNA testing done on their stock, there is no way to ensure that individuals are [mostly] unrelated.
That's pretty much my view exactly, although I don't have a problem with hybrids as long as the species involved have similar husbandry requirements and are responsibly cared for. I'm not a fan of inbreeding, especially when it's done excessively. Then again, what I consider excessive may be acceptable from a biological standpoint. I don't know enough about genetics and still have a lot to learn. I suppose there's a higher likelihood of inbreeding amongst wild populations than there is of hybridism. Double standards? Now I don't know what I think! is offline