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Re: Police seize jungle python after man shows it to fellow train passengers

Dunno, feels like "law" and "what's good for the animal" collided. The guy even brought all the stuff to take care of it to the police station. Hopefully that organization determines that the snake was doing well before, and will do well in the future, and the guy can have his carpet back with a note to not take it out in the public.

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With four legs and hair. Wait a minute, that's a dog. Seriously though, what are the laws like in other countries. From what I can remember you don't need permits in the UK for anything non-venomous. Here in Japan there's an antiquated list of "dangerous" animals which need a permit and have strict rules applied to them, including tagging with a chip. Burms, retics and boa constrictors are all on the list, even if it's a dwarf variety. On the other hand, you can go out and buy a 3 metre Boelen's or Olive python and nobody bats an eyelid.
Here in Hungary you can't keep anything venomous unless you are a licensed vet, work in the field (ie biology teacher at university), or work at a zoo. Even hognose and similar can't be kept by the public. Also any large bodied snakes are on this, as well as endangered species. Basically it's extremely hard to find anything odd here (or something cool that isn't on the list for whatever reason, like Thrasops or Philodryas)
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