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Re: When feeding goes wrong!

Heresay. Post the video...or it didn't happen!

Originally Posted by dannybgoode View Post
I fed both the new Madu last night whist I had be warned that the female was feisty want quite expecting her quite ridiculous feeding response.

I had her rat ready in one hand and the male's rat still in a plastic bag keeping warm. I had barely opened the tub - maybe and inch of so - and she shot out and took the rat meant for the boy complete with plastic bag. Never seen anything move so fast and she had had no chance to sight the prey but she was deadly accurate - even if it was for the wrong rat.

Cue trying to remove an upset Madu in full feeding frenzy from bag with prey - one that I've no real knowledge of yet fully locked on and coiled on the bagged rat.

I was actually pretty pleased with how I handled it. Kept calm, kept control of the snake and sorted it.

She was fully on that rat/ bag - mouth locked and fully coiled and once I had removed her from the rat/bag she then fully constricted my wrist so had to then get her off that whilst keeping control of her head.

An interesting experience and not one I wish to repeat!
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