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Re: What's the deal with scaleless snakes?

Originally Posted by TRD View Post
I'm against that type of breeding where 'cosmetic' reasons trump health, yes. Breeding children back to grandparents and whatnot other idiotic things. People playing with genetics they don't understand because they only look at a certain color pattern, but don't care whether or not they also create animals that are so weak they can't even breach the shell of an egg at birth or have a high chance of neurological issues. Whether it's snakes, dogs, cats, horses, whichever.
It seems to me you are being a bit unfair in your condemnation of others breeding choices. Humans breed animals for the usefulness to the human itself with little consideration to the animals health wether that be to produce more food, run fast or just be aesthetically pleasing. To pick anyone one of these as unjust and not the others seems unreasonable. Truly I think there is more concern for health in the reptile hobby than was ever given to cattle and dogs during their development. You say they can not make it out of the egg, but they do. I am with you in that I think a snake should have scales, but how much is it really effecting the animals life in captivity? From what I have read very little, which as we neither have any personal experience, is all we have to go on. Now breeding snakes that have neurological issues, especially when the offspring can be born or develop into an animal that can not survive, is in my opinion an entirely different animal. Still I don't entirely condemn any person who breeds such animals, but chose not to myself.
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