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Originally Posted by Scubadiver59 View Post
Sure, I buy one of your DRMB's and then you go and buy a Woma...can't keep an empty tub, can you!
Woma tub isn't in the rack, he needs a higher temp than the Dominicans. I'd been considering one for some time, but didn't see any at the Hamburg show last spring. Just yesterday 2 males turned up on a local FB group page, was only a 45 minute drive to meet and pick up today. Always keep a spare heat mat on hand for just such occasions, lol.

This one was born 7/19/17, not even 2 months old yet, and he's already much larger (bulkier, though not as long) as the yearling Dominicans. Parents markings are light brown, the babies are much darker. Guess they'll lighten with growth. I was told this one has his mother's calmer disposition, while the other one takes after his father, with a more active and testy nature.

I'll get some pics of the him and a few others while I clean and feed tonight. The new Abbott line Okeetee shed last night or today, but she's probably going to stay tucked up in her cave since she ate yesterday. Albert's baby garter should be available for a photo opp though, and I've never posted any pics of the normal female bull snake I picked up several months ago.
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