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Baby Woma

I picked up a new baby woma python earlier today, the calmer of the 2 males that were available. Handled both, one was quite defensive, other one was much less flighty and didn't posture. Currently housed in a sterilite tub, one end on a heat mat, with the herpstat set to 96. Probe is on the outside of the tub, so inside temp will be closer to 90 under the warm hide.

Current setup is a warm hide covering half the bottom of the tub, with a thick layer of open cell foam on top of the warm hide, then another hide on top of the foam for a vertical temp gradient. Water bowl is off the heat mat. Do woma pythons soak in the water bowl like boas and carpets? If needed I can set him up in a 10 gallon tank with enough space for a larger bowl. I wasn't expecting him to be quite so large since he's only a couple months old. He's eating fuzzy rats now.
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