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Re: What's the deal with scaleless snakes?

Originally Posted by TRD View Post
That may be your opinion, but I strongly disagree to do selective breeding for deformities and other negative traits regardless if there is market for it. Not just specific to reptiles, but any animal. It can't possibly lead to anything good, and you're not making 'Happy animals' by selectively breeding them for these traits. They deserve a lot better than that.

Also, heatpits do not make up for true vision. That's similar as saying that hearing makes up for true vision in humans. They can detect something that is hotter or colder than the things around it, that's it basically.
Then you are entirely against any domesticated animal, including dogs or any food animal? Most if not all traits we have selected for would be a disadvantage to a wild animal. Also I believe it has been proven that the heat sensing is translated in the same area of the brain as optical images. Because of this It is thought that snakes see with a heat image overlaying an optical image. Meaning that if they lose optical sight they will still have a heat image, somewhat like a thermal camera. This fits with most reports from people who have had experience with eyeless animals.
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