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Re: What's the deal with scaleless snakes?

I don't like the way scaleless snakes look, a bit too phallic for my taste. There are plenty of people who do and more power to them. I think we need to realize there is a very distinct difference between wild animals and those we keep in captivity. In most cases the two should not mix for many reasons. I agree that we should not breed for genes that negatively effect an animal, but as mink pointed out that may not be the case for scaleless animals.

As for eyeless snakes, I totally get the fascination. By all accounts they act as normal snakes, at least in ball pythons. This is due to the fact that they can make up for true vision via their heat pits. I think eyeless snakes just display how incredible this ability is. I would love to have one in my collection, but I do not think people should breed for this trait. To my knowledge there is not anyone who is, but these animals just pop up randomly. I see no issue with finding these very slightly disabled animals homes, and certainly don't think they should be culled.
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