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Re: An Albert Clark Offspring...

Tuberculosis, highly contagious disease, though fortunately the strain that infects fish doesn't affect people or other warm-blooded animals. I wouldn't want to experiment with feeding infected fish to snakes to see if it would infect them too. Feeder guppies are typically kept in extremely crowded conditions, and naturally it spreads more quickly and easily. Looks like little grey lumps or tumors on the fish.
Back when I had hundreds of fish I raised endler's for feeders for some of those for the same reason. Not sure whether it would be contagious from eating infected fish, but not worth the risk. Unlike most guppies, endler's never eat their offspring, so you can relatively quickly establish a large enough breeding population from a dozen or two.

On another note, I found 2 really small earthworms, and the wee garter snake happily ate those. I simply prefer suitable size worms to chopping larger ones up, and buying a dozen large ones at a time most would die before they'd get eaten by such a small baby.
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