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Re: An Albert Clark Offspring...

I'm thinking to get some endler's livebearers to raise for feeders for a while, the feeder guppies at the lfs are usually infested with TB. Have a fair number of small cichlids on hand that will be suitable food when she's larger, good for scenting now though.

I haven't tried feeding her yet, was thinking to start with a small earthworm. Usually can find suitable size ones under the bricks outside the basement door. I remember reading somewhere that baby garter snakes eat earthworms for their first year. Seems to me they'd need calcium too though.

No red legged frogs locally, though I could round up a few small salamanders if necessary. There's a creek a short walk from my house, have found mountain dusky, spotted, and mud salamanders there back in the day.

I breed loads of mice, can easily snatch a few newborn pinks aka redhots out of a tub. How often should they be fed those?
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