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Re: An Albert Clark Offspring...

Originally Posted by Albert Clark View Post
Minnow scented pink parts is irresistible for them.

True Sd, Reptivite should only be given occaisionally and not at every feed. Fish scented pinkie parts are a great choice as is nightcrawler scented pink parts. Try an entire whole extra small pinky with either and see how quick the whole pink is devoured.
Except for my worm...worms were all it had an interest in, and tonight I'm going to try worm-scented pinkie parts since I don't get XS pinkies where I order from. I'll let you know how that works out.

The good thing is that when I cut up the night crawler, I give the rest, and biggest part of the crawler, to my Anerythristic Plains Garter as a snack.
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