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I find that heat lamps really dry up the enclosures, like, when I had my BCI in an aquarium it would go as low as 20% when the heat lamp was on...even with the water bowl underneath (and a warm water bowl is just wonderful for making bacterial soup)...I leave my human heat pads on 24/7, have for a year or so and have had no problems...And they come with their own rheostat (granted it only has 3 settings), I never have mine above "Low", so I don't see how it would get hot enough to catch anything on fire, the surface of the actual heat pad, itself, doesn't go past 120F (I've lived in Georgia, it gets that hot down there in the summer and things don't spontaneously combust)...And, in the boa enclosure, (where the heat pad is underneath) the temps don't get higher than 95F directly on the hot spot and even that temp is rather infrequent. For my corns, I have the heat pad on the back of their tubs.

I also agree with Marisa, I get the impression that reptile pads and people pads are the same, just the people pads have some extra "meat" too them, instead of a bare heating element...That's essentially what heat pads and heat tape are, just mylar-type heating elements...why would they use drastically different types for the same function?...also, the reptile heat pads don't come with a built-in rheostat, and those things get HOT without one...and is it even recommended that those be left on 24/7 anyway?
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