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Re: An Albert Clark Offspring...

Originally Posted by SerpentineDream View Post
What a cutie!

I have a couple of freshly minted CRS garter worms from Albert too. They are beautiful but they won't hold still for love or money, which makes pics difficult. They've got speed, too. I could enter them in a NASCAR race and if they avoided getting run over they'd probably beat those cars. I'll get 'em one of these days though.
Thanks.SD! They are blessed with the speed to do the impossible. Lol. Can't wait for the pics.

Originally Posted by toddnbecka View Post
I received my new baby from Albert last week. Haven't seen her outside of the ceramic cave since I put her into the tub. Do the CA red sides take guppies from their water bowl like some other species, or should I try chopped earthworms first?
Yes they definitely take mostly any fish that they can fit into their mouths. Especially live flopping fish that will add to a feeding response. Remember, these guys are red legged frog eaters
in the wild and have a affinity for quick movements to trigger a feeding response. They were all pretty much accepting pinkie parts cut up and scented with silversides and occaisionally with minnows. Some actually took whole f/t extra small pink mice. Fish should really be used as a scenting tool for pink mice parts. Feeding f/t silversides mixed in with the pinkie parts is a great thing. Minnow scented pink parts is irresistible for them. Mostly it's easier to put all their food in a shallow dish on the floors and of the enclosure and allow them to feed at their own convenience. Nightcrawlers are great also but are mostly moisture with minimum solid nutritional value.

Originally Posted by Scubadiver59 View Post
I tried fish first (make sure you do research on which species don't contain thiaminase which depletes vitamin b1), then mice parts, then mice parts scented w/ didn't eat anything for the first few days. Finally, I tried chopped up night crawlers and she practically took the tongs with the food!

If you keep feeding worms, get some Reptivite to coat them with so the snake gets some calcium; or, do what I'm going to do tonight, scent some mouse parts with chopped up night crawler and offer that so you don't have to use the Reptivite.
True Sd, Reptivite should only be given occaisionally and not at every feed. Fish scented pinkie parts are a great choice as is nightcrawler scented pink parts. Try s entire a whole extra small pinky with either and see how quick the whole pink is devoured.
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