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Re: Heating Pad Size

Originally Posted by Dlfngurl05 View Post
So I'm getting my ball python next week and set up the tank. I have a cool and a warm hide. Under the warm hide I have a UTH pad that measures 8x12. It fits the size of the hide perfectly but I'm wondering if this is big enough. Also, is it bad if I put the hide right over the heating pad? I'm looking into getting a thermostat to regulate the heat pad as well. This is all new to me and I've read so much I'm overwhelmed and hoping I've made everything ok.
Upload a few photos of it onto imgur or some other site and post the link here (don't think you can do photos yet with your amount of posts).

How big is your enclosure, what kind of temperatures are in your house in general, what climate do you live in? If you can't do photos, how many hides do you have? What substrate are you using do you have any lighting? What kind of lid is on the enclosure?

Welcome to the community and feel free to ask questions. There is a keeper named Aaron_S who is very experienced with Ball Pythons who'll likely ask the same or similar questions and will be able to provide you with credible answers.
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