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Re: Help choosing a species

There's a myriad of rat snake closely related to corns that personally I think are more interesting. Great grey rat and black rat as two examples. As I say closely related to corns so not a lot in it but if you wanted something just a bit different. You'll have better access to Baird's rat snakes as well which have a following on here.

Snake 2 - ksb's are not really what I'd deem to be handing snakes and it kept properly you'll rarely see it. I have a ball and it's a sweet little snake and I also have a boa Imperator. If I had to choose between then it'd be the boa without a doubt. Choose one of the dwarf localities of know parentage and you can be reasonably sure of getting one that doesn't top 6' or so.

I have no experience of hoggies so can't comment there.

As an alternative a smaller carpet python - Irian Jaya example - would be a great snake as would something like a bull. The carpet is more slender than the boa so doesn't seem as big. Very pretty too.

Given your requirements I'd go black rat of Baird's for snake 1, Irian Jaya carpet for snake 2
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