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Ok you all can argue with me on this but I hate heat pads they are to dangerous for thermal burns caus if your snake manages to dig under the mulch or go under the carpet,news paper and on to the glase you will get the exat same results as if a hot rock was in your cage. I think that we can all agree that they were the worst invention on face of the earth.

Yes I know snakes need heat on there bellys to digest but not 24/7. first off dose any one thinke why snakes have dark colours ? Think of this way if you are wearing a whit shirt out in the sun and put a black one on witch one will you be warmer in. snakes use there colours to hide but also to warm up
I use 2 heat lamps for my cages a night glow and a day glow they are both on during the day but at night time a leave the day glow off so that way the cage has a gradient for day time a night time and as far as digestion I leave a flat rook under the 2 lights (by the way both light are on the same side of the cage so they have a hot and cool side) and then the rock get warmed up to the right temp to go and lie on for digestion so they get the proper heating all week and after eating they choose if they want to be heated from under neath.

on the flip side if a snake wants to hide under the substrat and be warm then it will go where the pad is and if it was to choose from coling down and stay hiden it will continue to hide and not care about it burns or any thing els for that mater.

dont forget in the wild when snakes dig to hide in the wilds it dose not get hotter it cools down so if your snake is diging to hide you should not warm him up like desert vipres digt to cool down. I have had my ball pythons dig to cool down and climb to bask or go and hide in all the difrent hides snakes are not stupid we just need to make shour they can warm up and that they have the choice to go where and do what they want .
Any way I am out.
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