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Re: New, black-eyed crestie

Did some update pics of Zoltan during cleaning. As you can see his tail is slightly wavy, I hope that since it's a little over a month sine I noticed it and started giving him extra calcium with his Repashy it won't get any worse. I'm observing him closely and doing pics once a month to make sure it stays like this, if the extra calcium will not be enough and the tail will get even slightly worse then we'll go to the vet.

I'm still mad at myself for letting this happen, but I certainly learned my lesson and all our geckos/lizards are now watched closely (and supplemented with each feeding practically, depends on species). Especially as our big beardie male developed some slight underbite due to very big growth spurts (even though he was getting lots of calcium with each feeding it was still not enough). I sometimes feel like lizards are soo much harder to care than snakes... But at the same time more rewarding too <3

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