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Re: Cross breeding snake species..

Originally Posted by SerpentineDream View Post
Not a huge fan of Frankensnaking.

I do have some natural intergrade house snakes and one hybrid that I originally thought was a pure Nelson's milk snake with unusually orange vs. yellow bands but that turned out to be a cross with an Apricot Pueblan milk snake. He's gorgeous but I'll never breed him.

As long as they aren't causing harm (i.e., crossing very rare localities with other subspecies such as what's happened to the Hog Island boa, or being released / escaping into wild populations) then I guess people should buy whatever they like.
I would never agree with muddying the gene pool with rare snakes. But with the likes of burms and retics you pay an awful lot more for crosses. Although I will admit trying to get a pure Burmese is getting harder, they're usually het this or het that. But then again thinking about it that's nothing to do with crossing with another species. But that's a whole different conversation.
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