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Re: Cross breeding snake species..

I actually like them. I find it rather interesting biologically speaking, and most that I have seen are also rather beautiful. I am particularly fond of the carpet/gtp crosses and will be lookingbinto getting a biak male to pair with my IJ female at some distant point in the future. Burmballs are another rather interesting mix as well.

As for the rarer animals being mixed, I don't know exactly how I feel about that. The way I see is is that so long as the females are bred to the same species of male to produce more of the same, then the males can otherwise be bred to whatever else since it doesn't really affect the number of new same species babies if all the females are already bread to the same male....I hope that makes sense.

But yeah, outside of known health issues and locality purists, I see no reason not to cross breed. No offence to those who do like those pure localities. =)
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