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Re: Morphs and Repticon

Sale prices DO happen. I attended the repticon here recently and many snakes were priced below market value. Others were spot on, and others were over priced. My suggestion is to get there during the VIP hour and look at as much as you can BEFORE buying anything. I made the mistake of buying some sanichips from one vender because they were an excellent deal, only to go two rows down and find an even BETTER deal.

That being said, if you find something you REALLY like, take the time to look interested and yes, haggle. I walked away with a lizard that per market value should have been priced between 150-200$. I got her for 100$ plus taxes since I paid with a card.

Which brings me to my next suggestion. BRING CASH. Cash will get you MUCH cheaper animals, gear, accessories, and so on. Not only will they give you a cheaper price, but they also will not charge you tax if you pay in Cash!

So, look at EVERYTHING first, pounce on what you want IF you're sure that's what you want, and bring cash. =)

Looking forward to seeing whatever you walk away with! I apparently always seem to leave repticon with 3 new animals lol. 2 snakes and a lizard seem to be my MO. 1st time it was a hognose, BP, and a crestie. This last time was a corn, king, and Abronia graminea. Haha.

Best of luck to you!
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