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Re: finding a ball you know will eat frozen

I'm late to this thread, but figured id chime in with my experience. I've only had 2 BPs, but my big boy was on live for about the first 12 years I had him, then switched him to fresh pre killed (cause he got bit by a rat, he was fine, but I was a wreck! lol), then about 4 years ago I switched him to frozen/thawed. He never had any problems with the changes, but he's been a good eater almost all his life. He's 23 now... got him when he was about 3 months old.

My new baby, she's about 6 months now, and she's been on frozen thawed mice since I got her...eats like a pig!

Anyway, ive never had a problem with F/T...but I may have just gotten lucky?

I hear a lot of people say its a problem to feed f/t or make the transition from live... I have never witnessed it.

good luck
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