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Originally Posted by RCR View Post
Hey everyone! I have never owned a snake, nor do i really know what im looking for. I am looking for something on the easier side to care for, and something more docile/tolerant of people.

I originally was going to get a Corn snake, but now im kind of looking for something a bit more i guess? haha. A few were mentioned to me in a different post and i am currently looking at a Eastern/Chain King snake and a California King snake.

Im open to other types of snakes too(including boas and pythons too) But again looking for something on the easier side, and lower temperament. ( I also really enjoy cool colours/patterns .. i dont know what snake lingo is)

So im curious as to what other options i have out there also. Im not even sure what is available here in MB, CAN either - i am attending a Reptile Expo in a month so i will meet breeders too im sure!

Look forward to your responses!!

P.s I live in a place that doesnt exactly allow pets, even though i have a few already... But 40 Gallon tank is the biggest i was looking to get. Thanks!
The question I have is what do you mean by more? Like more of a snake? Heavy bodied for example, I would look into the Eastern or Brooksi Kingsnakes, or, and I shudder to recommend this species but... a ball python (sorry Aaron I had to lol) would probably be your best bet, heck now that I think about it even a rosy boa offers some oomph without the length that would require much larger than a 20-40 gallon enclosure at full size, not sure anyone has recommended that species which is kind of underrated.

Or do you mean just sort of not as common that the average person who goes to the pet store often won't know about. There are a myriad of species that are great for beginners. I'm just gonna run off a list of species that aren't as common as corn snakes that make great beginner species but are also a bit unique.

-California Kingsnake
-Speckled Kingsnake
-Desert Kingsnake
-Black Rat Snake
-Yellow Rat Snake
-Everglades Rat Snake
-Baird's Rat Snake (my recommendation)
-Grey Rat Snake
-Western Diamondback just kidding.
-Spotted/Children's Python
-Fox Snake (hard to find CB but are supposedly really neat species that stay small)

Those are just some off the top of my head not including the ones I mentioned before. I actually have breeders in mind for all species but the Spotted and Children's Pythons if you'd like me to point you in right direction but obviously I'm not sure about how shipping works from US to CAN so those breeders might not work but you'd at least be able to compare pictures to make sure you're getting a quality animal.
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