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Re: Decisions.

Originally Posted by RCR View Post
Honestly, most of those pythons are a bit boring looking.. lmao, i was hoping for something i bit more than just a brown and black. i guess there is the simple Ball python which can come in many varieties...

Im only available to so many kinds in my area also, how about a Rainbow Boa? Im reading up they are pretty docile when handled on a more frequent basis.
Rainbow boas are a humidity sensitive species in that they require a lot of it. Not the best choice for a beginner and a tank without midifications definitely wouldn't do. Perhaps you should look into some of the different milksnake species? Many would do well in a tank that size, and a lot of subspecies are fairly docile especially as adults as well as colourful...hondurans and sinaloans are good examples of that.

Any particular reason why you wouldn't just buy from another area and have the animal shipped to you?
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