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Originally Posted by toddnbecka View Post
Cali kings are more often on the grumpy/bitey side of the fence IME, and an adult Eastern/chain king would be cramped in a 40 breeder. My speckled and thayeri kings are smaller species, and quite easy to handle.
Children's, spotted, or savu pythons would be fine in a 40, you could actually cohab a pair w/out any problems as long as you separated them for feeding.
Childreni are awesome snakes. Missed out on one the other week but hey. Yeah if you can find one that's a great choice. Maculosa are nice as well - handled a few and they've all seemed pretty calm.

Savuensis are hard to find over here and expensive - they have a pair at my favourite store and they're very pretty. The male is a psycho though

An African house snake (Lamprophis sp) are another choice. Awesome snakes and one I'd love in my collection. There's a few breeders and keepers on here so plenty of advice available.

Zamenis persicus is another choice (Persian rat snake). Beautiful snakes - I have one - but more a display animal than one to overly handle.
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