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Hey everyone! I have never owned a snake, nor do i really know what im looking for. I am looking for something on the easier side to care for, and something more docile/tolerant of people.

I originally was going to get a Corn snake, but now im kind of looking for something a bit more i guess? haha. A few were mentioned to me in a different post and i am currently looking at a Eastern/Chain King snake and a California King snake.

Im open to other types of snakes too(including boas and pythons too) But again looking for something on the easier side, and lower temperament. ( I also really enjoy cool colours/patterns .. i dont know what snake lingo is)

So im curious as to what other options i have out there also. Im not even sure what is available here in MB, CAN either - i am attending a Reptile Expo in a month so i will meet breeders too im sure!

Look forward to your responses!!

P.s I live in a place that doesnt exactly allow pets, even though i have a few already... But 40 Gallon tank is the biggest i was looking to get. Thanks!
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