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How excitable are you?

When you rescue, purchase, obtain a new animal...what goes though your head?

Do you go thought the torture of naming it or just scribble corn 15 in a book and post a sticky-note on the rubbermaid? lol

Do you get excited ovet the skinks and leos even if you're breeding rubber boas?

Do you have a species or favourite pet you treat differently than the res?

My answers? Well I name my children/animals after names I've heard in music/movies/bible/literature...people I idolize or whom I've met and thought they'd better as a reptile.

So um...if you visit me it's probably best not to ask their names if wer'e on bad terms cause they're trained to bite...hahalol

And old pic, but my snake and he looks every bit as beautiful and I held him just now and nearly cried. lol :

I named him "Ash" and my corns are Wilma and Max, and Harvey's my red sided garter while Bruno's the ball and the leo is Simon

/me weeps :}
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